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Collaboration is key for winning contracts. Find out our insights and takeaways from Optimize23 discussions on the art and science of successful collaboration in proposal, business development, and capture processes. Download our free guide now!
Kees Hendrickx
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Collaboration among proposal management professionals is increasingly essential in driving success in winning contracts, especially in the government and commercial sectors. Successful proposals are not only a result of the team’s hard work and dedication but also due to effective leadership. Our findings and discussions on the Optimize23 sessions confirm that leadership plays a key role in successful collaborations. From proposals on org charts to early involvement, it’s evident that leadership shapes the narrative.

We put these findings into a short summary guide for you. This guide includes tips and key takeaways from discussions with industry professionals at Optimize23.

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In this post, we will share some of our findings on the Optimize23 sessions.

Proposals get all the blame, they get none of the glory!

Prioritize proposals on Org Charts

One of the most important aspects of successful collaborations is prioritizing proposals on org charts. By placing proposals at the center of the org chart, teamwork becomes more organic. It ensures that everyone in the organization understands the importance of winning contracts and is committed to achieving the same goal. This is critical because when everyone has the same goal, it leads to a more cohesive and focused team.

Early engagement between Proposal and BD teams

Early engagement between the proposal and BD teams is also critical for successful collaborations. Even if there are only one or two people on the team, it is vital to collate information early on to ensure a smooth proposal process. Early involvement also helps to identify potential roadblocks and address them before they become major issues. This not only improves the quality of submissions but also helps to build trust and relationships between team members.

Leadership matters

When it comes to emphasizing the need to prioritize proposal management, leadership matters. Company leaders need to set expectations while understanding resource allocation to ensure a healthy work environment. They also need to make decisions regarding AI, clearly defining its role within the proposal process. Effective leadership can inspire team members to push beyond their boundaries and innovate, leading to winning proposals.

Clear communication from the top down

Clear communication from the top down is also crucial in successful collaborations. Company leaders need to focus on the bigger picture and long-term goals, facilitating their company to position itself as a major market player. It is important to establish a culture of transparency and open communication to facilitate the sharing of ideas and feedback across different departments.

Know your niche

Finally, never underestimate the importance of “niching down.” Identifying your company’s core opportunities is key. Focusing on what you do, and who you serve, is always a ticket to success. It allows you to sharpen your proposal skills and put forth your best work.

In terms of pinpointing the most critical aspect of successful proposal management? We conducted a survey specifically focused on this matter. The results revealed that collaboration stands as the paramount factor. This finding underscores the prominent position collaboration holds in the minds of proposal management professionals.

We hope you’ll agree that our roundtable discussions at Optimize23 brought clarity on the power of collaboration in the proposal, business development, and capture process. Successful proposal management professionals are those who understand both the art and science behind winning contracts.  

For more insights into collaboration across proposal management, you can download our free guide


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