David Norfolk, Bloor blogs about VisibleThread in ‘Governance – the State of Play’

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David Norfolk, Bloor blogs about VisibleThread in ‘Governance – the State of Play’

From Governance – The State of Play, December 24, 2009

As part of his recent blog titled: ‘Governance – The State of Play’, David Norfolk, Practice Leader Development at Bloor Research blogged on the area of ‘Automation of Governence‘.

David commented (and we couldn’t agree more):

“…Automation of governance looks attractive but it often doesn’t do everything you want it to, even though it usually costs far too much for small players to take on. So, governance gets done manually, with the consequent risk of of human error. The usual attitude is that governance is just a cost of doing business, you do as little of it as possible and concentrate on “compliance” (which is a subset of governance), you concentrate on meeting the letter of any regulations (without thinking of their spirit over-much), whilst making sure, as far as possible, that governance doesn’t get in the way of doing business. If you keep your head down and can point to some visible governance initiatives, hopefully there’s a good chance the regulators—or the press—will look elsewhere anyway…”

“With this approach, governance represents a continuing cost, which doesn’t deliver much in the way of effective risk management. There must be a better way.

David outlined some of the key characteristics he sees as desirable for tooling in this space and he mentioned VisibleThread as a solution that can play a role in satisfying these needs:

“Here, we have another tool to look at: VisibleThread from the team which originally developed the SteelTrace requirements management tool (now Compuware’s Optimal Trace). VisibleThread isn’t a requirements management tool, nor a document management tool but a bit of both—and more. VisibleThread enables documentation reviews that can QA document structure (to make sure that what should be present is present); highlight ambiguous language in poor quality documents; and promote process improvement through real-time visibility and objective metrics.”

Read David’s full blog entry here: Governance – The State of Play

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