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Evelyn Wolf
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Natural Language Processing Automates Plain Language Analysis

BALTIMORE, MD (June 30, 2017) – Producing clear accessible content just got simpler with VisibleThread Readability. The enterprise tool for business & government users analyzes and suggests how to simplify text content using Natural Language Processing.

VisibleThread Readability proofs any type of digital content; PDF, Word docs, text and Webpages (URLs). Corporate and government writers can now optimize all content for a better user experience in seconds. Best of all it’s FREE.

Writing content (product specs, online forms, blog posts) using Plain Language techniques means better visitor engagement and compliance. We designed VisibleThread Readability to put quality control in the hands of business writers, subject matter experts, and other content contributors in government and corporate environments.

“People need well written and accurate information,” said Lindsay Dudbridge, Manager of Clinical Content for the American Society of Clinical Oncology. “I want them to be able to find information they understand and that’s the value of our website. Our ability to present information clearly has been due to VisibleThread.”

Writers specify a URL, upload a PDF or Word doc, or enter text into the intuitive web interface. The software scores the content, saving communicators laborious review. The tool is ideal for organizations explaining complex products and services, including healthcare, legal, financial services, technology, and government agencies.

Clear, concise language is today’s online currency. It’s an imperative for government agencies & businesses that want to engage with customers and citizens,” said Fergal McGovern, CEO and Founder of VisibleThread. “While SEO focuses on getting people to a page, accessible content keeps them engaged, and allows them to complete tasks online. Organizations who can communicate clearly gain competitive advantage and build brand trust.

A recent survey of top Ad Age advertisers showed numerous websites with low or failing grades for clarity. For advertisers spending $ billions to drive traffic to substandard websites, this flaw compromises user experience and marketing goals.

The Plain Language Act of 2010 mandates that US Federal agencies communicate benefits and services plainly, without confusion, a must for today’s publicly-facing digital government. VisibleThread conducted a study of federal agency websites, analyzing content quality: 2017 U.S. Government Website Clarity Index Report

VisibleThread Readability is available here.

For media who want a free, complementary access, mail:

VisibleThread Readability is part of the VisibleThread Communications Suite, a content auditing readability and compliance tool for Marketing & Communications Teams. The Communications Suite is an enterprise solution that instantly improves the clarity and message consistency of online & offline content. Digital Marketing teams can now quality control and manage all documents and full websites within minutes.

About VisibleThread

Founded in 2008, VisibleThread is a market leader in language & content auditing. With offices in the US, Europe and Australia, we help Global Brands produce and maintain clearer web copy and enterprise content. Our products are used by content and contract specialists, digital communications professionals, bid response teams, legal reviewers, marketing, UX and IT development teams.


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