VisibleThread adds new SDLC oversight capabilities in 1.1 release

Fergal McGovern

CEO & Founder

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VisibleThread adds new SDLC oversight capabilities in 1.1 release

Baltimore, MD—December 22 2009—VisibleThread today announced the immediate availability of version 1.1 of it’s On-demand & On-premise offering, adding a Best Practice Usage Matrix view and import/export capability for Best Practices.

“The Best Practice Usage Matrix means that we now have a very simple way to monitor multiple project adherence to specific document formats in a single view, whilst the import facility allows us quickly set up appropriate reference SDLC templates for new deployments” commented John Cheesman, principal at UK based Strata Software.

“We have had very positive feedback from our customers since launch of 1.0 and have incorporated many of the requested capabilities into this new release providing even better monitoring capabilities for Best Practice adoption.” said Fergal McGovern, VisibleThread CEO and founder.

VisibleThread delivers a birds eye view of IT document completeness and quality across all projects. It provides metrics that make it easy for stakeholders to improve documentation processes and evidence compliance with SDLC Best Practice.

Major new capabilities included in this release include:

  • Import/Export capability for Structure/Quality Best Practices. This release introduces an ability to import and export Best Practices. The export allows you store the Best Practice in an XML format. Two sources can be used for imports; you can import either from a previously exported file at some location on your file system OR you can import from a URL location where the exported file has been made available.
  • Best Practice Usage Matrix. The Structure Best Practice Usage Matrix introduced in 1.1 facilitates an overview of all Structure & Quality Practices and any associated documents or document sets. Reviewing the matrix allows you quickly identify projects (i.e. document sets) that may not be using the appropriate Best Practice. Conversely you can easily identify Best Practices that remain un-associated, easily spotted by identifying gaps in the matrix.
  • Permissions for Best Practice modification. Users must now have admin rights in order to create, modify or delete Best Practices. If they don’t they are presented with a screen informing them of this.
  • Enhanced Properties Screen. When you select a document or any element in the tree you are presented with the properties for that item. For documents and Best Practices this info includes: Added by, Added on, Last modified by, Last modified on.

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