VisibleThread for Docs 2.12 now available

Eoin Wren

VP Engineering

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Eoin here, VisibleThread head of engineering and support. Our new 2.12 release of VisibleThread for Documents is now available and ready for download for on-premise customers. This release is already live for cloud customers. In this blog post, I will provide a quick summary of what’s new in the bid proposal software. For a complete list of what’s new, download the 2.12 Release Notes PDF.

The highlights include:

  • New Acronym Report capability – Acronym checking and Acronym extraction
  • User Interface improvements
  • More flexible Compliance Matrix generation
  • Extensions to Discovery for better Compliance
  • New Clear Language Metrics
  • More flexible Exports to Excel
  • Support for duplicate Dictionary Terms

For on-premise customers

To get access to the release check out the support forum entry. It tells you how to update your installation and the mechanics of getting 2.12 New Acronym Report Capability

We have added a new acronym report that allows you to view all acronyms and their definitions in a particular document. There are two core usage scenarios for VisibleThread Doc’s acronym checking capability

  • Verifying the integrity of acronyms
  • Extracting a list of acronyms and their definitions from any document

This report flags:

  • Well-defined acronyms, meaning an acronym with a fully expanded definition alongside
  • Acronyms with no definition
  • Acronyms with multiple definitions
  • Acronyms where usage occurs before the definition

Bid proposal software - Acronym Report

More Flexible Compliance Matrix Generation

We have made a few tweaks to the Compliance Matrix generation process that will cut down on the amount of manual time spent processing the compliance matrix results.

  • The option to ignore any paragraphs from the original RFP that contain certain pieces of text
  • The option to ignore specific pages or page ranges from the RFP

Use Cases supported by these enhancements include:

  • Ignore any header/footer text
  • Generate the compliance matrix for section L & M only
  • Exclude the table of contents or appendix from the compliance matrix

New Clear Language Metrics

2.12 sees the introduction of a new ‘Grade Level’ score for each document added to VisibleThread. This metric is based on the Flesch Kincaid Grade level and will help you gauge how suitable your content is for your target audience.

We have also extended the ‘Readability’ and ‘Grade Level’ scores to each paragraph in the document. This allows you identify which parts of the document contain the most problematic language.

Version 2.12 has more new capability. For a complete list of what’s new download the 2.12 Release Notes PDF.

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