VisibleThread Injects Quality Into IT Documentation, Drives Cost Savings and Process Improvement

Fergal McGovern

CEO & Founder

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VisibleThread Injects Quality Into IT Documentation, Drives Cost Savings and Process Improvement

Baltimore, MD—October 26 2009—Today, VisibleThread launches the first release of its new enterprise software solution that automatically detects structure and quality deficiencies in IT documentation. VisibleThread presents stakeholders with an immediate, actionable view into the health and status of all their project documentation. By using VisibleThread, CIOs, CTOs, business analysts and project managers can deliver higher quality documents that lead to lower analysis costs and better oversight.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a solution that can give me visibility into multiple projects to make sure the requirements elicitation is being handled as well as it needs to be,” said Godfrey Nolan, President and Founder of RIIS, a Michigan-based systems integrator that has been using VisibleThread as an early adopter since late 2008.

“IT executives know that IT project success is highly influenced by how well project documentation is managed, analyzed and reviewed. Many teams rely on manual review cycles that are time-consuming and error prone,” said Fergal McGovern, VisibleThread CEO and founder.

VisibleThread delivers a bird’s eye view of document completeness and quality across all projects. It provides metrics that make it easy for stakeholders to instantly spot emerging project risks.

James Robertson, author of Mastering the Requirements Process, says, “VisibleThread helps answer these simple but elusive questions: Are we solving the problem we need to solve? Are we managing scope change?”

A key capability is VisibleThread’s power to compare a given document to an organization’s adopted best practices for that kind of document. By emphasizing best practices, accountability is baked into IT project documentation. In particular, organizations engaged in process improvement with Centers of Excellence will see immediate benefits. Other standout features include:

  • Natural language analysis that identifies ambiguous language that can sabotage project success. For example “appropriate” levels of uptime, or “high” number of users.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Word; no specialized training required.
  • Direct support for process improvement (CMMi, etc.) via tracking all change and flagging compliance issues in real time.
  • Deployable as software as a service or on-site.

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About VisibleThread

VisibleThread helps corporate IT departments create superior project documentation that leads to successful projects. Our document structure and quality analysis tools, combined with the ability to create tailor-made best practices documents, provide customers with the insight and metrics they need to make better decisions throughout the IT project lifecycle. VisibleThread ensures a uniform approach to IT documentation resulting in consistency across documents, higher quality outputs and lowered cost.

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