VisibleThread Launches World’s First Tone of Voice Insights Platform

Claire Mason
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VT Insights

VT Insights provides content oversight & insight into brand voice, language and tone

BALTIMORE/MARYLAND: Clear and consistent tone of voice drives better customer engagement, and increased brand trust. CMOs, content strategists and editorial teams invest resources in creating the right tone of voice for their target audiences. But everyone has become a publisher. Operations create compliance letters for offline distribution, HR create induction guides, product teams publish instruction manuals.

Until now there was no possibility of measuring tone of voice and its success across every function in the organization. Today VisibleThread launches VT Insights Platform to do just that.

The solution enables businesses to create a consistent tone and authentic voice to regain audience engagement and trust levels.

Why measuring tone of voice matters

“Inconsistent tone, complex communications and jargon-laden language is typical in our industry. This leads to reduced engagement with customers and, over time, in a loss of customer trust. At Aberdeen Standard Investments, we want to be completely transparent, serve our customers and retain their trust. VisibleThread helps us do just that,” says Chris Hill, Global Head of Content at Aberdeen Standard Investment.

VT Insights Platform

The platform allows enterprises score their content with objective metrics. They can clarify their message and measure tone of voice in real-time across all written assets, and in multiple languages.

It also provides guidance to help all staff write more clearly in plain language and using your preferred tone of voice, and language style.

The real-time visibility helps you get ahead of major customer language hurdles. You will equip all staff with writing guidance via a couple of mouse clicks or a simple send email service. One solution will drive implementation, strategy and oversight across all functions.

“Big brands today are content publishers that invest financial and employee time resources in developing their unique brand voice,” explained Fergal McGovern, CEO. “Yet, until VT Insights Platform, they had no way of objectively measuring content quality across the entire organization. Our solution measures online and offline printed content. This provides teams with critical insights to ensure three things. Firstly, their brand-building investment is paying off. Secondly, that the tone of their communications is resonating with customers. And thirdly, that their efforts are translating to improved relationships, better trust and additional business.”


VisibleThread (VT) helps companies make their words matter. VT’s solutions help professionals, across all business functions, ensure clarity in their written communications, and enable companies to measure the trust and efficiency of their content.


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