VisibleThread research for Forbes Advisor reveals top U.S. insurance companies are not readable for the average American

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VisibleThread Forbes Advisor Research Press Release

Baltimore, MD, 11th January: Today, VisibleThread, a language analysis platform company, released their latest report in association with Forbes Advisor, the “Forbes Advisor Research 2022: U.S. Insurance Website Clarity Report.”

In late 2021, Forbes Advisor asked VisibleThread to research the readability of 34 leading insurance websites in the United States.

The report from VisibleThread examined how the top U.S. insurance companies talk to their customers. The goal of the research was to understand the readability of insurance providers’ websites and if the average American could easily understand this information.

Defining clarity in communication

VisibleThread scored over 30 leading insurance websites using VT Writer. Using a 100-page-minimum sample, VisibleThread measured the clarity of these sites using these five dimensions: readability, passive language, long sentences, average sentence length, and word complexity density.

The results showed that 91% of websites VisibleThread analyzed were not readable for the average American.

Chief Insurance Analyst at Forbes Advisor, Amy Danise, said, “VisibleThread’s report reveals the real extent of what consumers have long felt: That insurance company materials are hard to understand and don’t help clarify confusing products.”

Insurance companies bank on trust

Complex language erodes trust and negatively impacts Customer Experience (CX). The gap between customer expectations and the reality of their experience offers an opportunity for insurers.

“With more consumer-friendly website language, insurance companies could potentially attract and keep more loyal customers,” observed Ms. Danise.

Trust has remained low across the insurance industry for the last decade. Legalese and complex jargon play a crucial role in why this rating has remained poor.

The report highlights the role of plain language in helping companies empathize with customers while ensuring access to critical information regardless of their education or literacy levels.

“Most of us deal with insurance providers in our daily life, from home-owners to auto. When providers communicate in clear language, without jargon, we have a positive experience. By humanizing language across all touch points, providers increase accessibility and trust, leading to better brand loyalty” said Fergal McGovern, CEO at VisibleThread.

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