VisibleThread Web Performance Improvements

Eoin Wren

VP Engineering

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Eoin here, head of Engineering and Support here at VisibleThread.

Just a quick update on some performance improvements we put live this past weekend (April 12th, 2015).

A little background

Our cloud operations team actively monitor our VisibleThread and VisibleThread Web services. They make sure that all critical services are available, and pro-actively respond to any issues that might occur. We also get valuable insights into how our users interact with our products.

About 4 weeks ago, we identified some usage patterns that exposed some performance bottlenecks around Links and Good/Bad language views. We saw slow load times for some of these views, and initiated an internal project to identify code optimizations.

Over the last few days we rolled out our first set of improvements as a result of this work. We focused on improving load-time performance in these key areas:

  • Faster load time for Scan level Links view, particularly for large scans,
  • Faster load time for Folder level Links view,
  • Faster load time for Scan level Bad Language view,
  • Faster load time for Scan level Good Language view.

When you sign in next, you should see a smoother user experience when working in these views for both new and existing scans in VisibleThread Web.

If you see other areas that you think could do with a speed improvement, drop us a mail.

Or, any questions or comments in relation to these improvements, just let us know at



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