Demystifying Pwin & How to Know When Deals are Wired

Discover the secrets of winning government contracts with Alexa Tsui, the renowned Government Contracting Influencer. As Vice President of Digital Services Enablement at MetaPhase, Alexa brings unparalleled expertise in capture, proposal, and business development. Watch this enlightening on-demand webinar where Alexa delved into the world of Pwin (Probability of Win). Learn how to understand and predict the likelihood of winning government contracts as she shared valuable insights and strategies drawn from her extensive experience.

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In this webinar we discussed


Understanding Pwin (Probability of Win)

Learn how to assess the factors that influence the probability of winning government contracts and how to calculate Pwin accurately.


Unveiling Wired Deals

Explore the signs and indicators that suggest a government contract might be “wired” or predestined for a specific vendor, and how to navigate such situations ethically.


Best Practices in Capture and Proposal

Discover the best practices employed by Alexa Tsui throughout her career in capture, proposal development, and business development, and how they can significantly impact your success rate.


Leveraging Digital Services for Government Contracting

Gain valuable insights into the role of digital services in modern government contracting and how to utilize them effectively to enhance your competitive edge.

Whether you are an aspiring government contractor, a seasoned professional, or someone eager to grasp the intricacies of the procurement process, this on-demand webinar is a must-watch. Alexa’s expertise and practical tips will empower you with the knowledge to navigate the competitive landscape of government contracting successfully. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from a true industry expert!

Our Speaker(s)

Alexa Tsui, Vice President of Digital Services Enablement at MetaPhase Consulting

Alexa Tsui, a transformational leader with over 12 years of experience leading cross-functional teams, will share her insights on building and nurturing high-performing teams, developing effective training strategies, and implementing retention strategies to drive organizational success.

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