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How to get the most value out of your SMEs

About this Webinar

During our webinar on February 20 at 12pm EST, Mark Amtower shared his advice for proposal managers working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and SMEs themselves. He discussed how to:

  • Leverage your expertise in your technical volume to win more business.
  • Develop clear communication habits that influence decision makers.
  • Make sure you don’t damage your credibility with technical jargon overload.

So if you are an SME looking to supercharge your expertise or you manage SMEs and are looking to leverage their expertise this is the webinar for you.


According to Guy Timberlake, CEO of The American Small Business Coalition, Mark Amtower is the “Godfather of government marketing.” Government marketing veteran Bob Gosselin called Amtower “the best of the best of government marketing gurus.”Mark Amtower, Founding Partner of Amtower & Company

Author, consultant, speaker, LinkedIn coach and radio host Mark Amtower has focused on one market – Global One – doing business with government for more than thirty years. Known in Washington, DC for his all-black attire and extreme candor, Amtower is by far the most influential and candid voice in business-to-government marketing, quoted in over 250 publications, doing interviews on business-talk radio around the country, speaking at 20-30 conferences and seminars each year.

How to get the most value out of your SMEs