Training Webinar: How to use the Compliance Matrix Feature in VT Docs

Ready to elevate your VT Docs skills? Watch the fourth webinar of the series, which delved into harnessing the Compliance Matrix Feature within VT Docs. In just 30 minutes, we demonstrated how leveraging this tool can yield substantial time savings, amplify team efficiency, and ultimately enhance compliance standards.

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In this webinar we discussed


Shred any MS Word or PDF document in seconds

With the starter Compliance Matrix feature in VT Docs, you can shred your RFPs and SOWs for words like: “WILL”, “SHALL”, “MUST”, and any other custom keywords. Once complete, you can share the Excel output with your entire proposal, contracts & technical team within seconds.


Create a starter compliance matrix in 2 clicks

In this training webinar, we showed how VT Docs cuts out the copy-paste grind from manual compliance matrix creation. Instead, you get a customizable report for quicker analysis. While human insight is vital for requirement assessment, VT Docs speeds up the manual matrix setup. This means you and your team can dive right into requirement analysis, saving you valuable time.


Identify Risky Compliance Requirements

Watch now to discover how VT Docs can expedite the process for contracts professionals in pinpointing high-risk FAR and DFARS clauses within solicitations. This acceleration enables swift transitions into risk mitigation actions, decisive decision-making, and comprehensive analysis. Moreover, it enhances your ability to effectively collaborate with your proposal team and business counterparts, streamlining engagement and efficiency.


Don’t let this enlightening webinar pass you by. Seize the opportunity to unleash VT Docs’ complete capabilities and become a Compliance Matrices pro. Watch now to discover how VisibleThread can give you back time, enhance efficiency, and guarantee compliance.

Boost your VT Docs expertise through our on-demand training webinar, hosted by the VisibleThread team. This session was meticulously crafted to provide you with vital insights into the Starter Compliance Matrix within VT Docs.

When faced with comprehensive RFPs, do you find yourself manually sifting through over 150 pages, copying and pasting sections to extract requirements? Are you manually compiling spreadsheets for your initial response and risk identification? This on-demand webinar demonstrates how VT Docs can streamline this process, not only simplifying it but also enhancing efficiency and saving time.

Don’t let this valuable opportunity to enhance your VT Docs experience slip away. Register to watch on-demand today and unleash the complete potential of the Compliance Matrix feature in VT Docs.

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Kyle Peterson is the VP of Customer Success at VisibleThread.

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