Using data to make better bid / no-bid decisions and improve win rates

This on-demand webinar outlines how you can get ahead with data. Avoid pursuing “poor fit” opportunities and increase your chance of success. 

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In this webinar we discussed


Use language analytics data points to ensure alignment with your core competencies 

How to efficiently extract the information you need at timely moments.


Speed up how you identify the best past performance for your bids 

How to compare accurately and improve your win rate.


Help your company stand out & differentiate in a highly competitive market

Firstly, improve readability and then become compelling.

“VisibleThread is a time saver, it really is. It helps us to take our limited resources and focus on where we should be putting our dollars to maximize the most benefit for our company.”

Our Speaker(s)

Headshot of Kyle Peterson
Kyle Peterson
Vice President of Customer Success at VisibleThread

Fred Vlchek
Director of Business Development (BD) Operations at Pragmatics.

About VisibleThread

Improve the efficiency, clarity and compliance of RFPs, contracts and mission-critical business writing with quantifiable metrics. 9 of the Top 15 US government contractors use VisibleThread including Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics.

“To find those pieces in the narratives, in the pricing, and in the win themes is huge. Now, we are able to build a more quality product. Ultimately, it leads to a higher P-Win.”


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