This Wall Street outcast is giving everyone access to insider deals

Pre-IPO opportunities are no longer reserved for just the wealthiest one percent—thanks to a new equity investment platform.

From Born2Invest with J. Frank Sigerson

Published: April 19, 2019

Original Post: https://born2invest.com/articles/wall-street-equifund-equity-crowdfunding-platform/

A new investment platform is launching to level the playing field between accredited and non-accredited individuals.

Equifund is an equity crowdfunding platform that allows anyone over the age of 18 to invest in private companies. It’s spent the past year vetting various companies looking to raise money, with only a handful being accepted as worthy of investment consideration. One of the key variables Equifund looks at it in its selection process is whether the company has a direct path to capital markets.

Jordan Gillissie, founder and CEO of Equifund, said in the past that the vast majority of non-accredited individuals were forced to wait for companies to enter capital markets to invest. At this point, shares would not have the same upside as those purchased privately by accredited individuals who are given the privilege to invest early.