OpenText to Resell VisibleThread’s Language Analytics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Solutions

Claire Mason
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Automation helps assure clearer, more readable and engaging content.

Dublin, Ireland, October 2, 2017 – VisibleThread today announced a strategic partnership with OpenText, the world’s leading software vendor in Enterprise Information Management.

OpenText, with $2.3b in annual revenue will now resell VisibleThread’s Language Analytics solutions. This allows their customer base not just manage content, but vet the quality of the content using VisibleThread’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) platform. OpenText Customers can now create the most engaging and lowest risk web and doc content.

VisibleThread’s products are already in use by over 350 global customers including; Airbus Corporation, Fannie Mae, Accenture and the Australian Government. They use it to support organization wide plain language initiatives for better communications. Sales and contracts teams use it to quality check business documents such as RFPs and legal contracts.

VisibleThread’s functionality perfectly aligns with OpenText’s Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions.

It compliments OpenText’s WEM (Web Experience Management) offerings to help produce clearer, more engaging copy that converts. It helps legal teams spot risk in documents already stored in the OpenText eDocs platform.

VisibleThread CEO Fergal McGovern said: “I am delighted that VisibleThread and OpenText have partnered together. OpenText recognized the unique value VisibleThread can bring to their existing global customer base.”

He continued: “We compliment both the WEM and Portfolio Management product lines, and add significant value to customers existing investment in OpenText solutions. We look forward to working with the OpenText team to demonstrate that value to their global customer base.”

About VisibleThread

VisibleThread’s solutions help organizations test & audit their written content for risk and content quality, with dramatically less cost. Customers include; Airbus, Intel, Accenture and Fannie Mae. Our software instantly finds brand compliance, poor readability and language risk issues within documents and entire websites. Customers produce better quality, more engaging content. Unlike consumer-grade analysis tools, VisibleThread processes hundreds of documents and web pages in minutes. Marketing, Sales and Risk/Contracts Teams in leading global organizations use VisibleThread.

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