VisibleThread Launches World’s First Tone of Voice Insights Platform at Adobe Summit

Claire Mason
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VT Insights provides content oversight & insight into brand voice, language and tone

Baltimore, Maryland: Tone of voice drives customer engagement. CMOs, content strategists and editorial & digital governance teams invest resources in creating the right brand voice for their target audiences. Yet, until today there was no possibility of measuring tone of voice and its success across an entire organization. Today, Adobe Partner, VisibleThread, launches VT Insights. This AI solution provides plain language oversight and insights into brand voice and tone.

The case for measuring

“Organizations today are content publishers. They aim to create the right content for their target audience at the right time. Dedicated teams invest heavily in developing brand guidelines and their tone of voice,” says John Nolan, Chief Commercial Officer at VisibleThread.

“However, content leaders have no way of measuring content quality across the entire organization. Complex language, legalese and incoherent correspondence can be found in most businesses. Just think of terms & conditions, product details, subscription contracts and even press releases. This inconsistency leads to reduced engagement levels. And, ultimately, in a loss of customer trust.”

It’s your job to find your brand voice. It’s our job to measure it.

VisibleThread is proud to announce the world’s first Tone of Voice Insights Platform at Adobe Summit 2019.

Our complete solution brings content developers, managers and business leaders together in a next generation AI insights platform.

The solution enables businesses to create a consistent tone and authentic voice to regain audience engagement levels.

Unlike other web governance and content tools, VT Insights gives you improved and consistent brand messages through an outside-in perspective. It measures and analyzes readability and the likely understanding of your messages. It also provides guidance to help all staff write more clearly in plain language and your brand voice.

The real-time visibility helps you get ahead of major customer language hurdles. You will equip all staff with writing guidance via a couple of mouse clicks or a simple send email service. One solution will drive implementation, strategy and oversight.

Find out more at Adobe Summit

Meet the VisibleThread team and get a VT Insights demo at Adobe Summit, Stand 1071. Find out how your team can elevate your brand voice to measurable business success.


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